Preparing for week 1…… Gulp :)

Hello everyone and welcome. My name is Tania and I am a first year uni student who’s first unit is Accounting Learning and Online Communication. In this blog you will get weekly updates from me on my thoughts and feelings as I progress through this unit.

As someone who finds account daunting and at times overwhelming this is going to be a very interesting unit and I hope you all get a few laughs, tears and uh huh moments with me along the way. Here’s to a great term and best of luck to all my fellow class members.

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ASS#2 Step 3!

Hello!!! yes it has been a long while since I last posted, life has been so insane I have struggled to keep up. ¬†Recently I have had to have minor surgery which put my right arm out of action for a bit (and of course I’m right handed! lol) But I’m back and on the mend and have tackled my restated financial statements.

This task was terrifying, but once I got started I thought to my self, you’ve got this girl! boy was I bought back down to earth when I got to my income statements. Try and try as I might I can not get my comprehensive income to balance, it’s not out by a massive amount but it is out and it is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!!

Any feedback that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

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Tan ūüôā

Ferrovial Financial spreadsheet

Top 3 Blogs……..

Well here I am again, after a long drive to and from Toowoomba this weekend I am back in front of the computer playing a little bit of catch up. First up trying to decide on my favourite three blogs… how can I possibly choose just three!

It has been a tough decision but…. Drum roll please…….


I was drawn to Kaityln’s blog from the very start, I think it was the title ‘The blog of a slightly stressed out uni student’.¬† I instantly thought oh yes another stressed out uni student just like me! Looking further in Kaityln’s blog I really enjoy the layout and the fun use of graphics and colour, it is never boring to look at. Reading further into the posts that have been made I really get a sense of dedication from Kaitlyn especially in her¬†‘T-minus 4 days’ post, seeing that she had re-read the first readings over and over to build a understanding was very inspirational (good on you girl!).¬†Overall this is an eyecatching blog and I look forward to seeing more of Kaityln’s progress and additions to her blog in the future.


For me Sarah’s blog is one that I try and read every post. She always has a way of putting a little piece of her in every post, it as if we are on this crazy journey called life with her. Reading about her balancing work, marriage, motherhood and family commitments with her sick father is awe inspiring, it’s not an easy thing to accomplish but you are making it happen! I really enjoy the way Sarah has used inspiration quotes throughout, especially the Dr Seuss quotes who I have always had a special fondness for. After a hard day reading your blog posts and these little quotes are a great boost.¬†The overall layout of the blog is easy to manoeuvre around and is very soothing to the eye, especially with the calming¬† country header. Fabulous all round and can not wait to see more from Sarah.


Last but not least is Carissa’s blog. I keep coming back to this blog as like me Carissa is studying a Bachelor of Property whilst working full time for a valuation firm. Her story rings true to me in so many ways right down to the congratulations and commiserations from others (I have actually been asked if I’m crazy for embarking on becoming a property valuer!) I love the¬†mention of her fur babies as I think many of us can relate to this, they may have four legs but they are still like our children (and yes I’m aware I have two actual children lol). Her post’s are always well written and thought provoking and I am really enjoying following her journey through uni.

Overall it was hard for me to choose my top three blogs as there are so many fabulous blogs out there, I think everyone is doing a fabulous job!

Company spreadsheet complete!!

I can finally say it is finished! FINALLY! I would like to say this has been a labour of love, but I may be lying a little bit, but I got there in the end. After many sleepless nights hoping I had this right, and reading it over many times, not to mention all the times I deleted it and started again, I have got all the information in and crossing my fingers it’s right.

I would really love if you could have a read and let me know any feedback or ways it can be improved. Attached is my spreadsheet and the Annual Reports.

Ferrovial Financial spreadsheet

Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2016


Ferrovial 101


Well good evening fellow bloggers! I have previously posted a very brief blog in regards to my company Ferrovial. It has taken me a while to answer my initial questions after discovering the name of my company, mainly who are Ferrovial?. I also question what have Ferrovial done to make them so successful and after looking deeper into my company i am now posed with another question, how have I never heard of a company who’s presence is so widespread.

Company Background

On the 18th December 1952 in an attic in central Madrid, Rafael del Pino y Moreno (pictured below) founded a company, Ferrovial, whose name derives from the Spanish word for railway.  The company originally focused on railway projects first big win was securing the contract in 1958 to mortise wooden rail ties for the Spanish railway company Renfe. The project was a success with Ferrovial laying 30 kilometres of track between Las Rozas and Chamartin in Madrid in only 30 days.


By 1960’s Ferrovial had grown from its humble beginnings in an attic to a company with over 500 employees and had expanded into the construction of waterworks, roads, buildings and also into toll road concessions. Pushing forward through the years with the oil crisis causing the recession the opportunity for¬†international expansion was next on the agenda. The first international projects were focused in four countries: Libya, Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay.

Over the following decades Ferrovial cemented themselves as a leader in building networks of highways to access the big cities whilst also expanding and modernising ports, airports and railways and constructing new schools and hospitals. 1980’s saw the acquisition of Cadagua, a company who specialised in the design, construction and operation of drinking water and sewerage treatment plants.

Ferrovial’s reach continue to grown with the acquisition of Agroman, which placed Ferrovial as one of Spain’s largest construction companies. The company was eventually floated on the stock exchange in 1999.

From 2000 to present day important acquisitions have been made which include but are not limited to : Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airports. Their presence is felt in over 15 countries (refer below) and has approximately 74,000 employees.

Ferrovial international presence

Financial Statements

When we look over the financial statements it is clear to see this company is a massive operation, with their Wikipedia page stating and annual revenue of 9,701 billion euros in 2015.

Unfortunately I am still struggling to understand what these statements all mean, I can logically know that if the companies debt is higher than their income/assets then the company is going to struggle to survive. Based on the little knowledge I have on accounting I can assume from these statements that the company is well and truly thriving which is evident in the global reach they have.

The most confusing part for is simply understanding the exact amounts that are reflected in the statements. It is noted on the statements that they are listed in Millions of Euros, so in that respect does the total equity in the 2016 financial statements of 6,314 only equate to ‚ā¨6,314,000? This seems like a rather small figure for such a large company. I would imagine that a company in over 15 countries would have a much larger amount of equity.

The other big thing I have noticed is that in all the financial statements I have read the total assets and total equity and liabilities figures are always equal. I wonder if this is the norm, are they meant to be equal to balance each other out or is it preferred that one be larger than the other.

I have attached the links to the financial statements I have read, please feel free to have a look:





I have also included a link to a few of the Ferrovial website’s from around the globe, including the Ferrovial Blog.

Ferrovial Home Page

Ferrovial Blog

Ferrovial Agroman (Aus & NZ)

Group Websites

Thank you for taking the time to read about Ferrovial, please feel free to leave any feedback as it is all appreciated.

Bye for now,